Financial Statements

Financial Statements

We can act as your very own accounts department, without its associated problems.

Our services are particularly geared towards small and medium sized businesses and we are ideally placed as a service provider which:

  • Understand the clients and their needs.
  • Has the technical knowledge and ability to meet individual client's needs.
  • Respond to new or changing requirements as opposed to reacting;
  • Has the necessary systems and infrastructure to support its clients now and for the future; and
  • Will always ensure the service standards and service levels are constantly monitored and achieved.

What we require to complete your Accounts:

In order to prepare your company's financial statements and corporation tax return (CT600), we will require the following information.

  • Your bank statements for the period.
  • Details of all your income during the period above.
  • Details of all business expenses incurred during the period above. Details of any loans or dividends paid (if applicable).
  • Details of any taxes, returns and NI, VAT or filing fees paid.
  • A listing of assets including details of date purchased, and the amount paid.
  • Your PAYE reference number.
  • Your corporation tax reference number.